Jigsaw Activity

Learner Description: This site is designed for Gaming Technology students. Students have been briefly introduced to game genres. The below Jigsaw Activity will help to provide students a more in-depth understanding of game genres .

Jigsaw Activity Instructions

What is a "Jigsaw Activity"?

Think of a jigsaw...what is it? It is a large picture of something that has been broken up into smaller pieces. The pieces are to be fit together to recreate the larger picture. This "Jigsaw Activity" is similar in that a larger course concept (aka Game Genres) is broken into smaller pieces (aka individual genres). Small groups will then piece together individual genre information to get a better understanding of the Game Genres in general. Are you ready?


  1. You will be assigned a group # and expert task (see info listed on white-board).
  2. Proceed to your group area.
  3. Use the links listed in the table below to research information regarding your area of "expertise".
    - Spend 5 minutes researching.
    - Take notes, summarize, paraphrase, etc.
  4. Meet with other experts (of your genre) to better understand the genre.
    - Spend 10 minutes discussing your research and answering the following guiding questions.
    What are the common elements your genre?
    What platform is most associated with your genre?
    What popular games use your genre?
    - Put information in form that is easy to present to group members.
    - Return to group and present genre findings.
Jigsaw Activity Expert Info
Expert # Genre Type Research Links & Search suggestions
Expert 1 First Person Shooter FPS - Wikipedia
FPS - All Game
FPS - Techopedia
Search suggestion: "Video game genres" "FPS"
Expert 2 Adventure Adventure - Wikipedia
Adventure - All Game
Adventure Gamers
Search suggestion: "Video game genres" "Adventure"
Expert 3 Puzzle Puzzle - Wikipedia
Puzzle - All Game
Search suggestion: "Video game genres" "Puzzle"
Expert 4 Role-Playing Role-Playing - Wikipedia
Role-Playing - All Game
Role-Playing - Techopedia
Search suggestion: "Video game genres" "Role-Playing"